Bold Pizzeria: A New Kamloops Pizza Place


Bold Pizzeria has been a big hype in Kamloops for the last few months. The owners did a great job of promoting the new restaurant via social media, with their Facebook page gathering over 1000 likes before it even opened. There was certainly a buzz surrounding Bold as many people were wondering if it would be just another pizza place or something that actually served good pizza.

Curious, my brother and I tried out Bold Pizzeria a week or so ago. In all honesty, I was not expecting much. After having spent 10 years in Toronto with access to real Italian, stone baked oven pizza places like Terroni and Pizza Libretto, I was spoiled and not a fan of the fast food style pizza available in Kamloops. Papa T’s downtown has become my local favourite, mostly because of good quality food, gluten free crust and great customer service. However, I went into Bold Pizzeria with an open mind, but the expectations were not very high.

First visual impressions were mixed. Bold Pizzeria has a great streetside look, but the logo says nothing about what the place is. As one other person mentioned, it could be a sex shop for all you know. I guess the people sitting in the window eating pizza kind of give it away, though. On the other hand, they have a great location at the Sahali Mall, beside Target. Plus, I think a lot of people know what they are about due to their social media marketing. Upon entering the restaurant, it looked like the owners other restaurants in town. You can tell it is a fast food place, but higher class than McDonalds or Wendys. A few other reviews have mentioned that the menu board is a bit low and hard to read if staff are standing in front of it. I have to agree, but those thoughts went out the window when I saw what was on the menu.


Bold Pizzeria boasts a variety of food, not just pizza! They also have pasta and while it looked tempting, I came to try pizza and stuck to my guns. I was both surprised and happy that they have gluten free crust. I ended up getting the Sophia Beach pizza on a gluten free crust, which consists of Tropical Pineapple Salsa, Prosciutto, Ricotta Sauce and Fior di Latte. Not sure what the last one is, but I was intrigued about the tropical pineapple salsa. As you may or may not know, salsa has no or very little sugar compared to most other sauces. Being a type 2 diabetic and also trying to lose weight, it appealed to me.

My brothers pizza came first and I was a little disappointed that it was a thick crust. Just a personal choice, as I am not a bread person and love thin crust pizzas. I cannot remember what pizza he ordered, but it tasted pretty good. We decided to share some pieces to see what each others tasted like. When my pizza was delivered to the table, I was surprised to see that the gluten free crust was thin and the pizza had a white sauce. We both agreed that my pizza, the Sophia Beach, was by far the better of the two and my brother was surprised how good the gluten free pizza tasted. We were caught off guard when we found out that they serve wine and beer, with the beer being a local Okanagan brewery. He had a tasty beer while I had a water. The Bastard.

Overall, I have to admit that Bold Pizzeria surprised me. I was expecting a fast food style pizza and they exceeded my expectations on mine. My brothers was still good, but my choice was the true winner of the two. The staff was friendly and one of the owners came up to our table to ask us what we thought. She specifically asked about the gluten free crust and mentioned that some people sent it back to cooked a little longer. I am sure that they will go through some growing pains. A new business is never perfect in the first few months and gluten free cooking can be tricky when starting out. Both my brother and I recommend checking out Bold Pizzeria. We would love to hear your opinions.

***Note: This is my first ever review, never mind my first review of a restaurant. I was a little nervous about taking photos and getting more information, so I did not. I will work on overcoming that shyness in the future!

Bold Pizzeria
196-945 Columbia St. West.
(Sahali Mall beside Target)
Kamloops, BC
Facebook Page

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